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From: $679.00 every 3 years

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From: $679.00 every 3 years

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From: $679.00 every 3 years

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From: $679.00 every 3 years

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Website Functions & Specifications

färdig hemsida

Ready Website

You get a complete ready website with your logo, text, images and services.

snabb hemsida

Fast Website

We speed optimize your website so that it loads really fast on all devices.

hosting för hemsida


Fast hosting without limitations is included. You can get as many visitors as you’d like.

tjänster hemsida

Your Services / Menu

Inform your visitors about the services you offer. For restaurants you have a menu section.

sociala medier hemsida

Social Media

All websites are integrated with social media, choose the social media you want on your website.

hemsida uppdatering

Free Updates

1 hour of free updates of your website per month, simply let us know by sending in your request.

hemsida statistik

Visitor Statistics

Get detailed insight on who is visiting your website and where they are coming from.

ssl hemsida

SSL (Security Certificate)

Premium SSL certificate with 256-bit encryption is included, protect your website and your visitors.

team profil hemsida

Team Profile

Present your coworkers with picture, experience and contact details.

hemsida kontaktformulär

Contact Form & Map

Your website has a contact form and map, which will make it easier on your visitors to contact you.

responsiv hemsida

Mobile Friendly

Responsive website design, your website will look great on any device.

sökmotoroptimering för hemsida

Search Engine Optimized

We optimize your website for Google. Get more visitors & customers from google for free.

email konton


Impress on your visitors with a professional email adress, such as:

kundrecensioner hemsida


Let your visitors see testimonials from happy clients, this will help you get new clients.

hemsida support

Premiun Support

We are available whenever you need us, simply get in touch with us when you require help.


Answers to the most common questions


Ready Website offers ready made and professional websites without setup fees for only $19/month.

Your website can be live in just 48 hours!

The best part is you get to see what you are paying for before ordering.

The website you choose will be customized after your preferences such as logo, contact information as well as your text and images.

The process is easy after payment you simply fill out a form with the following information:

  • Company name, adress and phone number
  • The email you’d like to use, such as:
  • Text you would like to have on the website
  • Images you want on the website, such as coworkers.

You don’t have to fill the form at once, after purchase you’ll also receive an email with a link to the online form where you can submit your text and upload your images.

Keep in mind however that the sooner you provide us with the information we need the faster your website will go live.

Once we have entered your information on the website you get to see and review it, if you desire any changes or corrections we’ll make those changes right away.

If you have questions or need help with anything you can always contact us by email, chat to us (office hours) or submit the contact form on our contact page.

We at Ready Website will do our best to make sure you are satisfied with our services and support.

No, you don’t have to wait for weeks or pay thousands of dollars for a website.

Ready Website is a new concept, we offer ready made professional websites fast and cheap.

On average we will deliver your website with 48 hours.

Since we have already created the websites, they are pretty much ready to go.

We simply need to edit the ready websites with your specifications & details.

Before your website go lives you need to do the following to hurry up the process:

    • Point your domain name to our nameservers:

If you don’t know how to change your domains nameservers yourself, please get in touch with the domain registrar you bought your domain from and ask them to change the nameservers to the above mentioned nameservers for you.

  • Send the contents of your website to us:
    – Company name, adress, phone number.
    – The email adress of your choice, such as:
    – Text you want on the webste
    – Images you want on the website

    For instance if you have a restaurant and want your menu on the website, then you need to send us your menu as text or a picture of your menu.

    If you have a law firm you will need to send us information about the different lawyers education, experience, their pictures and contact information for each lawyer.

    Please take a look at the demo websites where you’ll see the functions and internal pages of the different websites.

As mentioned earlier we strive to deliver your website in 48 hours.

You can speed up this process by changing your domains nameservers and sending us the information you want on your website.

Once you have paid for a website you’ll be presented with clear and step by step instructions.

If you have any questions you are more than welcome to get in touch with us.

Yes, everything you need for a well functioning website is included such as hosting and SSL (security certificate), we make sure your website is always up and running and loads fast.

On the website detail pages you can read more about what you get with your website, among other things you get 1 hours update of your website per month.

Yes, when you order a website from Ready Website you get a professional email connected to your website for free.

The email address could be:

If you need more than one email adress let us know and we’ll take care of it for you for free.


Usually it costs thousands of dollars to have a website of the same high quality developed.

On top of the website development costs you also have to pay on-going fees for hosting and you don’t get any free updates with your website.
Most companies charge around $100 per hour just to update your website for you.

We thought that the prices others were charging for websites was too expensive and came up with the idea of creating professional ready websites and offering these website totally free and simply charge for the ongoing fees for website hosting, maintenance and updates.

We know that many website owners want to be able to update their websites but don’t know how to, that problem is solved now since we offer 1 hour worth of free updates each and every month.

Ready Website is the cheapest option in the world when it comes to high quality professional websites for businesses.

Unlike others with Ready Website you see what you get before you pay for it.

Welcome to Ready Website a company with the small business owners in mind.

With Ready Website you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for a professional website.

Ready Website offers readymade websites totally free of charge, all we charge for is the ongoing maintenance, website updates and hosting.

We offer readymade websites for only $19/month without setup fees, everything is included and there are no additional costs involved.

Ready Website Pricing Structure:

  • 12 months for $59/month – You pay $708
  • 24 months for $29/month – You pay $696 Save $720
  • 36 months for $19/month – You pay $679 Save $1,445

Your website is renewed at the same price and period.

Payments are made with credit card and renewals are automated.

Please keep in mind that the longer you pay for the more you’ll save.

No, there are no setup fees or any additional charges of any kind.

You get the website for free, you only pay a low monthly fee for the maintenance, hosting, SSL and 1 hour free updates of your website is included every month.

Yes, the longer period you choose to pay for upfront the cheaper it will become:

Ready Website Pricing Structure:

  • 12 months for $59/month – You pay $708
  • 24 months for $29/month – You pay $696 Save $720
  • 36 months for $19/month – You pay $679 Save $1,445

Your website is renewed at the same price and period.

Payments are made with credit card and renewals are automated.

Please keep in mind that the longer you pay for the more you’ll save.


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